You've Got A Friend in The Hunting Business

The Hunting Business - It's How We're All Connected

Whitetail deer hunting .. TTHA .. the "Muy Grande" .. Los Cazadores .. the Texas Trophy Hunters Members .. or maybe Los Cuernos de Tejas, Cola Blanca Whitetails, Venado Grande Deer Contests, or the Buckmasters!

Martin Luther King had a dream .. so did Jerry Johnston and the latter turned his into the (TTHA) Texas Trophy Hunters Association. I had a dream too - A dream to bring together serious and passionate whitetail deer hunters everywhere. Friends like Roy Stuman, R.I.P. , developer of "Bull of the Woods" Blinds, Stands and Feeders - where ideas were born, shared and developed over a beer on Friday afternoon!

In 1977 , Litton Industries helped turn "BigDaddy" into a hunting fanatic! ( fanatic (f-n t k) n. A person ( HuntSportsBigDaddy ) marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm for whitetail deer hunting and all things related! ) .. then it was up to guys like Larry Weishuhn , John Wooters, Bill Jordan, Jackie Bushman and others .. and In more recent times - Jim Shockey, The Outdoor Channel, Old-timers like Jim Zumbo, new-comers like Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, Michael Waddell Host of Bone Collector and Realtree Road Trips, and UNCLE TED - Ted Nugent and the likes of Willie Robertson and his family business Duck Commander, and TV shows .. have all added fuel to the fire .. and info is consumed with regularity, read, studied, watched and listened to over and over!

Deer Hunting is a time of relaxation, enjoyment, being with family and friends, but most of all - a time for spiritual renewal and developing bonds and relationships with sons and daughters. Hunting and talk of trusting God and praising the Lord and Our God and Father, Creator of All The Universe! .. for all the most rewarding spiritual times of our lives. NEVER FORGET - Thank The Most High God for all your blessings!